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476-Carat Diamond Found in Sierra Leone

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Sierra Leone is busy finding its feet in its break away from blood diamonds post their civil war. The country's efforts are commendable and their transparency in their dealings has been a breath of fresh air so far.

Who can forget the epic movie called Blood Diamond which starred Djimon Hounsou as Solomon Vandy and Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer where the former finds a very big diamond that will change his life forever. The movie is loosely based on Sierra Leone’s civil war that happened between 1991 and 2002.

Recently, a 476-carat diamond has been found in the country a mere 8 months after an even more valuable diamond has been found in the same diamond rich in the East. According to experts it is 29th largest diamond to be ever found. Its value is yet to be determined. Sahr Wonday, the Director General of Sierra Leone’s National Mineral Agency, has said that the diamond has been found in the same region as the more valuable diamond; namely in a province called Kono.

Mr Wonday furthermore stated that the company that uncovered the stone has been given permission by the government to export the diamond and sell it at an international auction. In October of 2017, the Sierra Leonean government stated that they were to auction off a massive 709-carat diamond as they aim to break away from their blood diamond past.

Would it not Have been a sight to have Leonardo DiCaprio show up in character as Danny Archer and bid for the stone?

This 709-carat is said to be the largest one found in Sierra Leone in over 50 years. It is said to be between the 10th and 15th largest stone ever found worldwide according to experts. It is a breath of fresh air to see that the government of the country has vowed to show more transparency in the unearthing of and the sale of diamonds and other minerals in the country. In order to continue with this bid for transparency, what would be the best method going forward, will it be through blockchain technology? Time will tell.

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